5 re-marketing hits to help you grow your online business

5 re-marketing hits to help you grow your online business

5 re-marketing Tips to help you grow your online business

The e-commerce space is booming, with companies choosing to move online at a staggering rate. The high competition brings a high cost of acquiring new customers through pay-per-click channels.
If you own an online business, and wish to increase your sales, here are some tried-and-tested re-marketing tips that will ensure you a sure shot way of improving your ROI across channels.

Website Visitors

Bring back the 80% of the audience that has, in some way, already interacted with your brand. These are the people who have spent time on various pages on your website and have visited it often. Target this same pool of people and convert their curiosity and interest into sales.

Display products users are interested in

Show users products that they have already spent time viewing and remind them why they liked those products in the first place. The perfect tactic to tempt them to return and convert.

Offering discounts to shopping cart bouncers

If you are an online retailer, you know the struggle of dealing with abandoned carts all too well! With re-marketing you can choose to convert this into a valuable tool to convert that abandoned purchase into a completed sale.

Cross-selling to existing customers

Reap the full benefits of hard-won customers by cross-selling to them. Cross-selling is the process of prompting customers to buy other related products or services that complements their purchase. Other than the most obvious benefit of increasing sales, cross-selling also helps in increasing client loyalty and user-experience.

Custom Audience List

Use a list of gathered emails that are relevant to you and have already shown interest in your product. This is one of the most relevant set of people who will view your ad and help you increase sales on your product.

To end with, re-marketing is a powerful tool for each and every type of online business that if used smartly, can help your product cut through the clutter and stand out in a crowd!
We at Arriba Labs, would be happy to draw up a comprehensive re-marketing strategy that will help you sell your products to your customers and achieve your marketing objectives with higher ROI.

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