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India’s top shipping companies for e-commerce merchants

The world is fast-pacing, developing and advancing – with respect to everything. Whether it is business, people, or expectations, the growth in the country is tremendous. As the standard of living and purchase power improve, so does the rise in e-commerce companies that aim to meet these growing demands. In a country like India, where […]

Outbound vs Inbound Marketing

If you’ve been around this e-commerce or digital marketing-related business for a while, then you have heard the terms outbound and inbound being used in conversations related to marketing and advertising. But what are they? These are the two core paths that a marketer takes to achieve the sales objective set for the brand. But […]

How to Make Your Insta Ad Stories Shine

Whatever stage of growth your business is in – Instagram is an important selling platform for you. As the Instagram feed gets more and more populated with content, viewers has been scrolling down to view posts less and tapping to the right to view stories more. It has been observed that 1 out of 4 […]

Must-know Words in the Digital Marketing Glossary

The world of digital marketing is filled with terms and phrases that you might have most likely heard of but still need to truly understand and explore. What we have done in this blog is to select the most used acronyms and words that you as an online e-commerce store owner need to be familiar […]

5 Reasons to Hire a Marketing Expert for E-commerce

As an online eCommerce store owner you are more than aware of the gazillion products that have flooded the online market. No matter the product, users have more than many options to choose from. With such competition, basic strategies tend to fall flat and the only way to shine in all that online clutter is […]

7 Marketing Apps every Shopify Store Owner should use

Shopify has made it possible for business owners to easily sell online at the convenience of their homes without a brick and mortar store. As buyers prefer buying from home, so do sellers prefer selling from their homes. It cuts time, efforts, as well as cost. Shopify has proven to be one of the best […]

Growing Your Business During COVID-19

Companies across countries and industries are facing major obstacles due to COVID-19, a pandemic that has swept over the world like an invisible hand diminishing everything in its wake. In a short time businesses- whether big time or small time have suffered and some have been forced to shut down altogether. With almost all employees […]

AOV matters! Here’s why…

Average order value (AOV) is the average amount of money each customer spends on an order on your website. Understanding the average order value helps businesses decide their marketing and pricing strategies. By increasing this parameter, businesses can directly grow their revenue. It not only gives you a shortcut to be profitable but also helps […]

The Best PPC Hacks to Increase ROAS

CLICKS. Clicks are what most people think are the be-all and end-all while running ad campaigns online – the greater the clicks the more successful the campaign. But what most people fail to realise is that generating clicks is only half the work done. You can switch up the content and the ad creative and […]

On Building Facebook Ad Copies that are guaranteed to drive sales.

Most people know how to run ads on Facebook manager. But not everyone knows the makings of a great ad that actually converts. In order to run successful ads on Facebook, one would need precise targeting, engaging images/videos and compelling copy that will prompt a user to engage with the ad. Compelling copy. This is […]