The Best PPC Hacks to Increase ROAS

The Best PPC Hacks to Increase ROAS


Clicks are what most people think are the be-all and end-all while running ad campaigns online – the greater the clicks the more successful the campaign. But what most people fail to realise is that generating clicks is only half the work done.
You can switch up the content and the ad creative and strive to get more and more people to click on your ads but they won’t be effective unless they generate profits.
It is important to know if what you’re spending on your ads is generating enough revenue to make the effort worth it! Your revenue on ad spends is the most important parameter to track when you decide to spend money on Ads. This is derived by dividing the revenue generated from your ads with the total cost of advertising.
ROAS = Revenue from Advertising/Advertising Cost

With advertising platforms upgrading constantly through the year, e-commerce store owners need to upgrade their strategies for PPC campaigns that will increase ROAS.
Here are some of our website optimisation hacks that have helped our e-commerce clients achieve effective ROAS that is in line with their business objectives.

1. Optimise Landing Pages

So you have a great looking ad with beautiful copy. The user clicks and is taken to the landing page. To convert this user into a customer, you would require a great user experience on your landing page. Ease-of-use, friendly navigation, great visual appeal and above all the convincing factor that will prompt the user to make a purchase.

2. Optimise for mobile

Soon most of all searches will come from mobile. Therefore it is necessary that online e-commerce store owners optimize the mobile shopping experience by streamlining the checkout process, using unique catchy design elements, improving page load time, etc. An advantage that advertisers have with mobile searches is the CALL button which makes the conversion funnel smaller by reducing the number of steps that a user has to go through before buying.

3. Conversion Rate Optimisation

CRO helps to increase the percentage of visitors that convert to customers by tweaking ads, optimising the web page, and reducing the cart abandonment rate.

Now that you know how to increase your ROAS by optimising your web page, here are a few tricks that you can use while running Facebook and Google Ads.

1. Re-marketing

Most people leave the website without making a purchase – that is the unfortunate reality. This is where re-marketing comes into play. It helps you bring back visitors who have already interacted with your brand and shown interest in it.

2. Location Wise Targeting

As an e-commerce store owner you only ship to specific countries. Why pay for clicks from shoppers who live in other countries. Alternatively, if you own a physical store, why pay for clicks from shoppers who stay miles away from your store. Geo-targeting allows you to hit the right audience by choosing specific states, countries, regions, pin codes, and even allows you to target people by radius.

3. Product Listing Ads

When a searcher types keywords that are high in intent, he/she is shown PLAs. Such ads are known to increase sales and improve ROAS. To make sure you have a good PLA you will need relevant and specific product descriptions and a bidding strategy that will help you get maximum profits from your ads.

4. Optimise quality score

Your click-through rate and ad ranking are impacted by your quality score in a big way. The higher your quality score the lower the CPC. If your campaigns are relevant and translate to a good user experience the better your quality score will read.

5. Leverage Google and Facebook together

As we know google ads have high intent. A useful strategy would be to first run ads on google and collect the database of the people who have interacted with your website. This database will have high quality and relevant targets that can be retargeted on Facebook.

You can get in touch with an Arriba Labs representative to get right to the core of an effective PPC strategy that will improve ROAS and sales.

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