How to Make Your Insta Ad Stories Shine

How to Make Your Insta Ad Stories Shine

Whatever stage of growth your business is in – Instagram is an important selling platform for you.
As the Instagram feed gets more and more populated with content, viewers has been scrolling down to view posts less and tapping to the right to view stories more. It has been observed that 1 out of 4 Millennials and Gen Z Instagram users, view stories of the products that they wish to purchase.
Therefore, most of the online businesses have made it a point to run sponsored content as stories that have the opportunity to stand out with authentic content that can connect with audiences, create intimacy, and drive more sales. As per statistics, Instagram Stories make up for about 34% of Instagram’s sponsored content. Also, around one-third of the most-viewed Instagram Stories are posted by business pages.

Whether your objective is to gain more followers, drive more sales, or simply create brand awareness, Instagram stories have a couple of features that will help you achieve exactly what you want.
Here are a few ideas that can increase the effectiveness of your Instagram Story ads:

1. Use Call to Actions correctly

If you are running Instagram Ads, then you probably have an end goal in mind. Instagram features call-to-action buttons like install now and swipe up that will allow you to achieve your objective.

For example, if you want users to visit your website, you can use the swipe up CTA which will redirect these users to your website when they swipe up. As per a study, atleast 5%–25% of Instagrammers swipe up on a link in branded Stories.
You can use an alternate CTA – the shoppable product stickers feature that allows you to put a sticker on your products. These stickers are clickable and take the user directly to the product page of the product that they are viewing. 59% of brands link Instagram Stories to a shoppable page on their website.

2. Use content buckets

Divide your content into main themes instead of using random ideas for your stories. Some examples of these themes or buckets are people, products, brand values, brand news and updates on discounts, promotions etc.

This will give rise to expectations that your audience will have from the brand and might encourage more conversation and engagement.

3. Use video content

Most viewers are already exposed to still, static images with text overlay.
But, video content is on the rise and takes up more than 80% of the content that is being consumed. You can do just about anything with video – product showcase, styling tips, voice -overs, and so much more.
Having said this, it is essential to understand that thumbnail and the first 3 seconds of the video are the most important thing that will prevent the user from skipping your ad and moving to the next one.

If you are an avid Instagrammer, you already know how most brands are using Instagram stories to talk (literally) about their brand ethos and products.

4. Use Influencers and Brand Loyalists

Word of mouth is still the best way to market. And when done digitally, it can really help to boost your brand. Using well-known faces will increase brand credibility and using testimonials from people who have already interacted with your brand will lead to social proofing.
The best way to do this is to have these people try on your products or just talk about them- whatever works best! Short 10 second clips that have a lot of potential to convince other users to purchase.

5. Stick to a visual theme

Be it colors, font, indentation, or the kind of images/videos you use – try sticking to a distinct visual narrative that will create brand recall and help users identify your brand amongst so many other brands that are using Instagram stories for marketing.
Most people have short attention spans and sometimes casually surf stories without even paying much attention. It then falls onto the visuals and the content to make an impact that will force a user to stop tapping and really consume your story.

6. Add crisp, relevant text

Just having great visual content is not enough. Great visual content backed by relevant text is what will make the user take the action that you intended for them.
Your text should not only be catchy and precise, but also support the images and help your user follow the route that you want them to take.

Instagram storied can really boost your brand. Therefore it comes as no surprise that 36% of businesses use Instagram Stories for to promote their products.
Couple these pointers with the correct messaging and you too can get your Insta ad stories to shine.

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