Powerful Headlines for your Facebook Ads

Powerful Headlines for your Facebook Ads

A Facebook Ad Headline is like the cherry on the cake. It is the garnishing on that gourmet dish.

It is the first impression you make so you may as well do it right.

Your Facebook Ad copy must do 3 things:

  1. Get Attention – The Ad copy must appeal to the reader and give them beneficial news. Using words like new, discover, it’s here, at last, finally, and just arrived are sure shot ways of grabbing attention.
    Other powerful attention getting words are how to, guarantee, proven, results, offer, and save.
  2. Select the Audience – If you are selling real estate space to people over 55 years of age, there is no point writing quirky ad copy that is targeted for teenagers. Knowing your audience and communicating to them in their language is essential to getting the message delivered.
  3. Draw the reader into the rest of the Ad – Your copy and creative go hand-in-hand. If your copy isn’t compelling enough your readers might scroll through without even looking at the creative. The job of the copy is to arouse interest and prompt the reader to view the entire ad along with text and visuals.

In marketing, whether offline, or online in you social media captions, Copy is still King. When potential customers see your ad, they take only a few seconds to decide whether to click or not. So how to convince a viewer that your ad deserves their time and attention?

  1. Urgency – This will encourage the user to act now instead of later. Urgency can be created by adding a time element or a deadline, E.g.
  • Enjoy our summer sale while it lasts
  • 2 days left before sale ends. Hurry!

  1. Unique – Tell the viewer something they haven’t heard before. Cutting through the clutter is the best way to make your ads stand out. E.g.
  • 10 fascinating off-beat places to visit in 2019
  • 10 never-heard-of-before destinations for the outlanders

  1. Specific – Tell the user exactly what he stands to benefit on viewing your ad. Be precise and avoid beating around the bush. E.g.
  • 1 packet of our desi milk contains x amounts of vitamins over ordinary milk.
  • Ultra smooth conditioner to prevent dryness and frizz

  1. Useful – Make your ad as informative and educative as possible, keeping in mind that the benefits need to be outlined at any cost. The reader should believe that the ad contains useful information upon reading the copy. E.g.
  • Make use of our latest insights on how to invest wisely!
  • Take a free audit report to measure the success of your digital ads.

Ad Copies are the cornerstone of your Ads and make for a powerful tool that result in increasing your ROI, if used well!

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