On Building Facebook Ad Copies that are guaranteed to drive sales.

On Building Facebook Ad Copies that are guaranteed to drive sales.

Most people know how to run ads on Facebook manager. But not everyone knows the makings of a great ad that actually converts. In order to run successful ads on Facebook, one would need precise targeting, engaging images/videos and compelling copy that will prompt a user to engage with the ad.
Compelling copy. This is one of the most important factors that drives in your audience and allows them to notice your ad amongst hundred ads that they come across on a daily basis. Copy that sells needs to be 4 things – persuasive, entertaining, exciting and guiding.
Here are a few must-do’s while writing Facebook ad copies:

1. Talk to your audience – For a Facebook ad to be effective, you need to first understand the minds of the people to whom you are targeting your ads. Understanding their mindset, preferences, likes, dislikes, and behavior is key before you decide the content for communication.


2. Ensure the copy complements the Ad objective – Whether it is page likes, post likes, traffic, lead generation, or sales, the ad content should be able to guide the user to fulfill the objective. It should tell the user exactly what where to look and what to click.

3. Ensure your copy goes with your visuals – Your copy and artwork need to go together to make the maximum impact on your ad click rate. The copy should support the creative for it to be consumed through and through.

4. Stick to one CTA – Your call to action can determine whether consumers can convert or not. Therefore it is crucial to have one goal and one call to action that prevents them from getting confused and leads to higher conversion rates.

5. Create Value – The building blocks of a great ad copy are showing the customer the exact value proposition and highlighting it in the best way and as many times as possible. Whether it is value for money, a unique product or service offering or an irresistible deal- it should stand out as much as possible in your ads.

6. Creating strong headlines – The famous advertising revolutionary once said, “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy.” We couldn’t agree more! The headline is the star player of your ad copy. Therefore it needs to be precise, to-the-point, compelling, and value creating.

Content is rightfully king and creates engagement and interactions from your Target Audience. Therefore to understand its power and master the techniques can spell great business and sales for your brand.

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